The 3 Simple Steps to $20K / mo. as a ✝️ Christian ✝️ Expert, Coach, or Consultant.
The 3 Simple Steps to $20K / mo. as a ✝️ Christian ✝️ Expert, Coach, or Consultant.

The 3 Simple Steps to $20K / mo. as a ✝️ Christian ✝️ Expert, Coach, or Consultant.

Skip the trial and error! This guide gives you the broad overview of everything you need to know when it comes to getting to $20K as a Christian Expert, Coach, or Consultant. I promise that if you lean hard on even just the first 2 of these major steps, you can get up to $20K / mo. in income.
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I'm Tim Barber, the founder and CEO of Overlap Design, a growth-focused digital agency that exists to start, build, brand, and scale Kingdom Businesses online.
I created this 3 Steps Guide because after dozens of projects with believing coaches & consultants of all kinds, I kept hearing story after story of good people getting awful results after either jumping into a high ticket group coaching program, or hiring a digital agency for branding, web strategy & digital marketing.
The guide you're about to receive will help you know what your coaching business really needs if you want to quickly get to $20K / month and lay a solid foundation for the future.
With it, you’re going to have the battle-tested blueprint for real (fast) business growth, and the confidence and know-how to get your business rolling faster than ever by treating people with respect and kindness.
Without it, you’ll continue to waste time and money trying to figure it out yourself on YouTube University, or by working with a less-than-qualified digital agency or cookie-cutter coaching program for less-than-stellar results.
I hope it blesses you, and you walk away with a better understanding of what you need to really succeed and win online. (Hint → the better you get at treating people with respect and dignity, the better all of this works!)
Further up and further in!
- Tim Barber
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Wait, mid-ticket? Aren’t most of the big names teaching either High Ticket or Low Ticket?
Yes! And we will, too, once we’re past $10K / mo. There are a few major challenges with both High and Low Ticket that we need to cover.

Low Ticket

You should never start with Low Ticket. You cannot make money with a $7 or $47 thing unless you already have a massive audience and you’re super well known. If you’re trying to get to $20,000 per month, that’s 2,858 sales of your $7 eBook or mini-course.
This is great (and I mean great) when you’ve got something else on the other side for them to purchase - but if all you have is a low ticket thing, it’s kind of like inviting people over without cooking a meal or setting the table first. You didn’t really think this thing through.
Now, most folks will tell you to swing the complete other direction and go for High Ticket - which is great, but it also has its drawbacks…

High Ticket

Honestly, a High Ticket Offer needs a lot of variables to go right in order for it to be viable.
It is super high-touch by necessity - people are going to part with many thousands of dollars to work with you, so there HAS to be a phone call in order for there to be a sale. High Ticket Offers are very complicated, they feel heavy to pick up and deliver (even at their most streamlined), and they can be a nightmare with the wrong client.
It should only be available for a few people and they’d better be perfectly qualified or it’s going to be a bad time. And maybe most dangerous of all — if you depend upon a High Ticket thing for ALL of your revenue, then you don’t own a business… you have 3 bosses that can fire you at any time and destroy your income.
( In short, both high and low ticket are powerful, amazing, and definitely the right choice… but they have some serious drawbacks that make them a good idea only after you’ve gotten to $10K / mo. in income. )
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So what makes Mid-Ticket the best first step?

Few people are talking about this; I think it’s because they don’t want to give away their true secret.
I’ve been on the inside of several well-known high ticket coaching companies as an advisor and a consultant; and all of the most successful ones are still using a mid-ticket offer like this - and wish they had done so sooner!
Let’s break down what makes Mid-Ticket the best first step.
  • They are stupid simple to create. It involves you spending a few hours of your time directly helping your client solve a simple, easily defined, pressing problem. You’re taking them from A to B, not A to Z.
  • You can quickly test them. If you have an idea of what you want to deliver in your 2-hour session or 7-day sprint, you can ask people what they think of it.
    • Most people don’t want to buy their own plumbing equipment (low ticket), AND they don’t want to become a plumber or get all of the plumber’s expertise, or have them re-do all the plumbing in their house (high ticket) - they just have a leak they need fixing and they’re willing to pay someone to come solve the problem (mid-ticket).
  • They create Ideal Clients for your High Ticket Offers. If your prospects all need to do something first before they’re ready for your High Ticket Offers, why not get paid helping them get those problems solved so they can become a perfect fit for your other stuff?
  • They’re much simpler to sell than either Low Ticket or High Ticket.
    • Low Ticket needs a big, fancy, complicated funnel and checkout page experience.
    • High Ticket requires either a webinar or other major training, and then usually a phone call sales process (and follow-up if you don’t close them on the first call.)
    • Mid-Ticket just requires a conversation (either through phone or Messenger) with somebody who needs help from an expert to solve a big problem.
Here’s the best part:
A $1,500 Offer with a plug-’n’-play framework that leads to a specific, cool outcome can completely replace your free “strategy sessions” while leading to a $6K or even $12K offer after the engagement is done.
( If you want to know more, just ask me in Messenger how I replaced Strategy Sessions with $1,500 Mid-Ticket Offers )


OK, you’ve just created something simple, compelling, and easy to sell and deliver.
Please don’t jump in and start pitching your friends and loved ones on your FB Page. And while we’re at it, it’s not time to pay for ClickFunnels and build some complicated tripwire funnel, either.
At this point, all you have is a hypothesis for the offer you’re going to make. You could be really excited about it, but it doesn’t count until you get other people excited about it, too - so excited, in fact, that they’re ready to pull their credit card out and pay you.
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If you spent 6 months writing an eBook or creating a challenge funnel, or recording course materials before you’ve at least tested that people like what you’re selling, then you’re a fool.
We have 2 major goals at this point: proof of concept and cash flow.
You could also think of this as validation and momentum. “Scaling” right now is like trying to fly before you can crawl. We just need to get the ball rolling.
Most people will tell you to either skip straight to setting up a book-a-call funnel through FB Ads, or trying to grow a viral YouTube or TikTok channel, or posting every day on your Personal Facebook page while giving “value” in Facebook Groups.
The issue with ALL of those approaches is twofold:
  1. They’re really high in “resistance - you probably don’t want to do it. You don’t want to post business stuff on your personal FB, or you don’t want to make 100+ videos or post on TikTok all day, and you don’t want to troll Facebook groups looking for people to pitch → help.
  1. They don’t really treat people with dignity - Honestly, this is probably what’s at the root of a lot of your resistance. It feels sleazy and weird to you. You don’t like it when people pitch you in FB Groups, and no amount of “mindset” work is going to help you feel comfortable with doing something you don’t think is right.
But the fact remains - you still need a stable and repeatable way to find clients that doesn’t make you feel like taking a shower and asking God for forgiveness afterward. There are 2 ways you can handle this, and either one is a great path forward:

Outsourced Organic Outreach

→ Pay a V.A. to Find, Care For, and Nurture Prospects and book 15-Minute Phone Calls

* Power Content Ads

→ Run $5 / Day Video Content Ads to Messenger Convos & 15-Minute Phone Calls

The reason that either of these paths works is simple: we’re respecting other people as human beings, empowering them to engage at the level they want, and over-delivering in conversations before we try to pitch.
And best of all - the resistance is almost nothing, because you’ll know that you’re treating people with the utmost respect and care as you evaluate together whether help is needed or not.
Which means you’ll be far more motivated to do it, and you won’t have to go through some 6-week “abundance mindset and limiting beliefs masterclass” to twist your mental gymnastics into being ok with selfishly pitching people all the time.
Complicated Fails, Simple Scales.


Let’s pause for a moment and think about what just happened.
In the first 2 steps, you’ve covered so much ground already.
You’ve solved “The Golden Triangle” - you’ve gotten really clear answers to these questions:
  • Who are you to this market?
  • Who needs your help?
  • How can you help them?
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And then you’ve condensed that down into ONE really valuable, easy-to-sell no-brainer offer, and found people who need your help with ONE super-simple honest client acquisition system. In fact, you’ve also validated that people actually want the thing you’re planning on selling.
And now, you’ve gotten 5-10 people at a minimum who’ve paid for your mid-ticket offer… who respect your expertise, had a great experience with you… and now they’re staring down the barrel of their next big problems and hurdles to overcome.
What if they wanted to keep moving forward with you? Why don’t we just ask them what they want help with next?
You can just make up some High Ticket offer to sell, but again - it’s a dangerous game if you’re just doing this inside your own head.
Instead, why don’t you ask the people you just helped with your Mid-Ticket work what they need help with next, specifically?
They will literally tell you what they are looking to buy next. And since you’ve had a cool, collaborative energy with them the entire time you’ve been working with them, they know and trust that they can share what they’re working on with you and you’ll figure out a way to help.
And if these people were good clients, chances are that there are way more people just like them - and now you know what they want, too…
So now, we get to outline a higher ticket program that takes people further down the transformation pathway, guides them forward, and gives them more access to you, for a higher price!
And they get an incredible deal, because you subtract the cost of the Mid-Ticket Offer from the cost of this newer High Ticket engagement with you.
They’re already a client - the selling part is “over”… and now you can build the best program possible by collaborating with the people who already know, like, and trust you enough to have already paid you $1,000+.
Rather than sitting down for 6 months and “strategizing” about what kind of High Ticket offer you could create and then doing “market research” (which is just reading complaints in FB Groups and subreddits for hours on end) - why not just ask your existing clients what they need and build it right in front of them?
By this point, you should be past $20K / mo! But to be honest, I’ve seen people get all these different ingredients right and get all the way up to $40K a month without having to build a webinar, a course, or a tripwire sales funnel.
Finding a perfect fit between Offer ←and→ Audience is honestly 90% of the battle. And there’s no faster way to dial that in than a mid-ticket offer direct to respectful conversations.
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You are now in possession of a tool that can give you a clear path forward for creating either your first or next $20K / mo. revenue stream.
This is for all Christian Experts, Coaches, and Consultants who want to finally get the freedom, money, and impact they THOUGHT they’d achieve when they first started a business…
But I don’t want to simply tell you to “be warm and well fed” - I want to do something about it!

If I offered to show you how to straight-up replace your Free Strategy Sessions with a $1,000 No-Brainer, Easy-Yes Mid-Ticket Offer that gets massive results for you AND your clients in the next 2 weeks
… while attracting 10-12 dream clients a month and repelling ALL the bad fits before you say a single word on a call…
… with me handing you all our agency’s templates for building a high-converting sales page without a website
… and handing you a stupid-simple sales system (up and running in 2 days so you can start selling immediately)…
…WITHOUT you having to create a course, funnel, or webinar first…
…and WITHOUT you wasting hours, days, and weeks of your life pitching from your personal FB profile or trolling in Facebook Groups, cold-DM-ing anybody with a pulse…
… would you take me up on the offer?

Because knowing what you know now, you have two choices. You can roll the dice and risk your time, energy, and money trying to figure out how to grow your business online for yourself. Be warned - there's a lot of misinformation out there.
Or, you can roll the dice on another agency - there are some good ones, but it's like finding a needle in a haystack. If you don't get the needle, it's a 5+ figure waste.
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And none of them will help you figure out what to offer or how to talk to your ideal clients. That has to come from within.
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Or you can focus on the few hard things that matter for cracking $20K / mo. in income — including a step-by-step process to follow to get your offer, sales page, and checkout page built with free tools, and my exact templates for launching the ethical client-generation method that’s the best fit for you.

📖 I compiled all of that into a book I’m selling for $7.

If you want to get all of that and more, all you need to do is go here and grab your copy:

Not only does it come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee that covers you even if your email to me is laced with profanity and weaponized Bible verses… It also comes with all of these bonuses:

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BONUS #1 The Golden Triangle Bonus Training

Dialing In Your Calling, Your Client’s Needs, & Your Offer (The Foundations for a 7-Figure Business)
Ready to see how other coaches, consultants, and service providers are solving the key things that grow their business within a few hours?
In this “The Golden Triangle” Bonus Training, you’ll see how the Top 1% of coaches build a solid foundation of timeless business principles that will scale comfortably to 7-Figures for years to come.
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BONUS #2 The “Redeeming the Time” Productivity Workshop

Our Simple, Effective Productivity System for Succeeding Every Day — in God’s eyes.
The idea of “doing more for God” is a trap. What we want is to do less, but better – to more effectively live out our calling on a day-by-day basis, without the world and its distractions tearing us away from our purpose in Christ. This workshop will set you up with the exact tools I personally use to live a life of freedom and flexibility while accomplishing more of what matters.
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BONUS #3 The “30-Day Mid-Ticket Offer” Step-by-Step Launch Checklist

Keep your launch simple, low-key, and chaos-free with this in-depth checklist — packed with insights from 20+ profitable launches.
Failing to plan is planning to fail. Instead, we want you to feel totally equipped to do exactly what you need in the next 30 days to successfully launch your offer and get sales.
Follow this blueprint, and you’ll have a step-by-step process, as a companion to the book, for getting up and running.
This is the exact step-by-step process we walk through with our 1-on-1 coaching clients, and even our done-for-you clients. Yours free with the book!
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BONUS #4 The “3 Offers to 7-Figures” Bonus Training

Discover the 3 Offers That Help all Christian Coaches, Consultants, and Experts Consistently Get to 7-Figures.
The next bonus you’ll receive when you purchase The $20K / mo. Christian Coach is the 3 Offers to 7-Figures Bonus Training.
In this advanced masterclass, you’ll discover the 3 kinds of offer every coaching / consulting / services business should have, especially if you offer a service or work with clients.
This 3-offer framework is how, once we have already gotten a client to $20K, we can consistently take them up to $100k and even $200k months.
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BONUS #5 30 Tools Under $30 for $20K months

The 30 “secret weapon” books, tools, and trainings under $30 (or even free!) that my clients and I have used to get consistent $20K months & beyond!
Over the years of serving clients, a certain “cream of the crop” has arisen when it comes to tools, resources, and trainings to produce huge outcomes.
I go over some of these in my book, but the vast majority are hidden “diamonds in the rough“. Either they save hours of time, thousands of dollars, or unlock massive breakthrough in your heart and mind.
There are some I would pay $5,000 to get again if I had to.
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BONUS #6 The “Implementation Blitz” A-Z How-To Training

Watch me build out all of the pieces of this process “over my shoulder”, in 90 minutes.
I want this to be the most actionable book you’ve ever bought. So, what better way to help than showing you exactly how I build all of my private client’s assets?
In this 90-minute training, I go over my exact process for building out an entire campaign for a client: building the pages, writing the copy, setting up all the tools.
I didn’t hold anything back; it’s all here, from A to Z.
Order your digital copy today and get the exact method I’ve used to consistently quick-launch new coaching businesses and predictably scale to $20K / mo. and beyond.

Click Here to Grab a Copy Today →

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Overlap Design

by Tim Barber

* Credit Where Credit is Due
( I learned the “Power Content Ads” strategy from Laurel Portié, and her $7 / mo. Facebook Ads program is still some of the best money I’ve ever spent in the coaching space. Worth more than things that literally cost 1,000 times as much. - Tim )
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